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Our Property Management Services

We believe the service we offer is unique and for the 10% management fee you pay we offer the following management:

  • All landlords are assigned their own account manager who is dedicated to your property and the smooth running of your account. You will be given their direct contact details. Your account manager will liaise with tenants early if there are signs of them beginning to fall into arrears. Where this does happen, your account manager will endeavour to work with the tenant to arrange an affordable repayment plan. This will be closely monitored each month.
  • We aim to secure homeowner guarantors for all applicants for properties where possible. Should any issue arise, we will endeavour to pursue the guarantor for reimbursement of any losses that may be incurred.
  • We will carry out random property inspections on your property to ensure the tenant is keeping it in a good state of decoration and repair. Our aim is to inspect each property every three - six months. Landlords are provided with a video of the inspection and a report where applicable.
  • We have dedicated and trusted maintenance contractors who are more than capable of taking care of not only minor property repairs, but also major refurbishments, all at favourable costs without adding a commission
  • Same day viewings in most instances on vacant properties. We often transport prospective tenants to and from vacant properties.
  • We have extensive knowledge of the Housing Benefit Act 2006, the Deregulation Act 2015 and the current Safeguarding Policies and landlord licencing requirements.
  • We aim to transfer any funds received within 7 days.
  • If your tenant falls into excess of 8 weeks arrears or causes any issues, we are equipped to assist with completing the eviction process at a fraction of the costs incurred by engaging solicitors directly.
  • Were tenants are in receipt of housing benefit or Universal Credit and fall into arrears, we apply for direct payments and arrears management costs to reduce their arrears.
  • In cases like the above we will wait until we are awarded direct payment reducing the tenant ability to obtain another property and endeavour to collect the unpaid rents
  • We currently market your available properties in our shop window, on our own website as well as several other property websites maximising advertising.
  • We offer a repair schedule on derelict properties taking payment from rental income and bridge financing where requested.
  • We deal with council tax demands and ensure that you are only billed for relevant liable periods, in addition to challenging any overpayments that result fromtenants failures to notify of changes in circumstancesWe will give free advice to you on any potential purchases you may be considering.
  • We are property owners and landlords ourselves and so understand your needs.
  • We advise you of the bad news as well as good news. Your account manager will notify you when your property comes vacant and again when it becomes occupied. When tenants report repairs, these are reported to you without any undue delay. The only time we will carry out a repair without first contacting you would be in an extreme emergency, e.g. burst water pipes to prevent serious/major damage etc.
  • In the unfortunate event you have a complaint about any member of staff or the service you have received, you would first be advised to contact your designated account manager, if this does not resolve the issue, you will then be advised to contact Neil Heffey. Please read our complaints procedure.
  • We will not reduce or negotiate our fees under any circumstances. Our management service to you remains the same regardless of your portfolio, whether you own one or fifty properties.
  • We receive maximum rents for all our properties, in most cases covering our own management fees with the additional rent we obtain compared to what you previously received.
  • We take on problem properties and chase rents owing on properties where the tenant has vacated in arrears if such action is feasible and there is a possibility of collecting the arrears.
  • On large portfolios we can arrange regular monthly payments to cover you mortgage needs and are confident in our ability to collect - sometimes payments may be made in advance.
  • We have saved a number of landlords from bankruptcy due to our full-on management service and ability to collect.
  • We offer a full accounting service to our landlords. Neil Heffey can assist in any tax matters or Inland Revenue investigations and can complete yearly accounts should you require, this is at an additional cost and is not included in the management fees, although advice can be given for free.
  • We are confident in stating that we believe we are second to none in the property management field and offer a quality service at a highly competitive management fee; where else would you receive a similar management service!

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