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Tenant Information

Paying your rent

You can pay your rent into any branch of the NatWest bank into our company account ensuring you reference the payment with YOUR ADDRESS. You can make payments at any of our branches located across the City; or we can also arrange for rent to be collected from your home or place of work by one of our friendly, dedicated rent collectors.

If you are having difficulty paying your rent, you must contact us. We are sympathetic to genuine cases of hardship and will always offer realistic repayment plans to pay back any accumulated arrears.

You should always keep your receipts for rent paid in a safe place.

Maintenance & Repairs

We aim to carry out all emergency repairs within 48 hours. Repairs must be reported using the main switchboard number and asking to be put through to the maintenance department. Once you have reported your problem we will contact your landlord for authorization; once this is given, we then allocate the repair to the appropriate worker.

We endeavour to address all maintenance issues as soon as is practicable, and emergency repairs will be given priority. We always request that our maintenance staff contact you direct in order to obtain access to the property. Our maintenance workers will try to contact you up to three times, if after this they still haven't made contact your repair will be deferred until you make contact with us again.

If in the unfortunate circumstances, after reporting a repair, where it is classed as urgent i.e. no heating or hot water, your landlord ignores our request for longer than 48 hours; we will give the go ahead for the repair to be carried out.

Once your repair has been reported, where your landlord carries out their own repairs, we will liaise with them for an estimated time scale for repairs. If your landlord continually refuses to give authorisation or ignores our requests repeatedly, whether the repairs are essential or non-essential; for tenants who have shown to keep their rent accounts in good order, we will offer alternative accommodation with landlords who are compliant in having repairs carried out.

If it is found that you fail to report any repairs, you could be liable for costs for any deterioration or damage resulting from any such delay. You must not instruct a contractor to undertake any work on your behalf - if you do, it will be at your own expense.